Saturday, May 18, 2013

Vampire Academy Filming and Casting Update!

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters starts filming on May 27th (In London) and is scheduled to release next February on the 14th (Valentines Day).

(UPDATE: This post is old - have you seen the full teaser trailer and the latest VA: Blood Sisters News?)

The cast is now set. Many thanks to Penguin Teen Australia for posting this great cast cheat sheet!

Both Eddie and Adrian will not make an appearance until movie #2. The absence of Eddie is explained in the below note from the screenwriter in London:

"Hey, it's screenwriter Daniel Waters with the latest 'casting announcement'--which I guarantee you are not going to like.

Don't hate me, but as you can imagine, it has been a tremendous challenge squeezing Vampire Academy's many wonderful pages into a feature-length script. To give our main characters the soul, complexity, and dimension they deserve, some of the more supporting characters have suffered. For this reason, Team Vampire Academy has decided to postpone Eddie Castile's intro until a hoped-for adaptation of Frostbite [INSERT HOWLS OF AGONY HERE.]

Basically, it is difficult to find a charismatic, high-caliber actor to play an unfortunately but necessarily reduced role. We all felt it best for the first film and the Eddie Castile character himself to wait for Frostbite, where Eddie's role is more full-bodied so we could find a more special actor. Apologies for any pain this decision may cause…"

Now that you've seen the official cast choices, what do you think? I actually think several of them are quite good, the others I'll hold judgement on till I see them in action. :)

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